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What to Expect from Smart Pregnancy & Birth

We are committed to providing excellent midwifery care to Upstate South Carolina in a relaxed and considerate environment. From your first prenatal visit to your last postpartum check-in, you can expect to work with a staff who is Caring, Respectful and Experienced.


Smart Pregnancy & Birth seeks to provide a natural childbirth experience that the new mother remembers with joy and appreciation for the care she has received. We are trained to help you with comfort measures to assist in pain relief, and to encourage the birth to proceed naturally in its own time frame without the need for drugs to speed it up. Midwife attended births have far less forcep or vacuum extracted babies and more women avoid unnecessary Cesareans while under midwifery care. 

(Susan maintains a small practice so that you have a personable relationship with the midwife who will be at your birth.  You are treated as a unique and special mother / baby pair.  You are not rotated amongst many care providers in a large practice, most of which you may see only once or twice.  We do our best to keep numbers of births / month small so that we can focus unhurried attention on you!)


Appointments are scheduled in an unhurried time frame so that the new mother can have all of her questions answered and she becomes comfortable with her care providers. By the end of pregnancy, we have become friends who are looking forward to helping your little one come into the world. We honor your birth choices and our time together becomes one in which we all work together to make your pregnancy and birth a healthy, happy time. We strive to keep you well informed and active in the decisions surrounding your care. We encourage you to continue to research and study as well, so that the midwife and the mother-to-be are equal contributors to the wellness of the pregnancy and birth experience.


Susan Smart has been practicing since 1987. She is also a mother of three and has personally experienced birth in a hospital, at a birth center, and a home birth. As a midwife licensed through South Carolina DHEC, Susan is professionally prepared to provide prenatal and delivery care to birthing women in upstate South Carolina. Susan maintains Neonatal Heart Resuscitation skills, along with continuing education in other obstetrics related topics. She participates in peer review and provides quarterly reporting to DHEC.



What to Expect: Delivery

Smart Pregnancy and Birth is ready to come to your home, or welcome you to an inviting, home-like birth center. No matter which location you choose, Susan’s team is prepared to gently guide you through an all-natural, drug-free labor and delivery.

Home Birth: Many expectant mothers appreciate the comfort and familiarity a home birth provides. Mothers delivering at home enjoy the convenience of having personal items and other necessities right on hand, and the benefit of not having to leave a birth location or drive home. The Smart Pregnancy team is ready with home birth supplies, and will help you collect the few additional items needed for your special event. Home birthing moms also have the option of a water birth, and your midwifery team will bring in all supplies necessary for a successful water birth. After delivery, your midwife and attendants straighten up the birth area and put used linens in to wash, making sure that there’s nothing for you to do but enjoy your baby.

Birth Center: A Birth Center birth is a great option for mothers with family members at home. Though any family member you wish may attend your birth, delivering at the birth center gives you the option of a private get-away.  All supplies are ready at the birth center, where laboring moms have the option of a water birth and can be in any birth position they desire.  As a guest of the birth center, all your desires and plans for a natural childbirth are honored just as they are at a home delivery. The birth center provides a calm, quiet environment with all the comforts of home.

What’s Included?

Your midwifery care services will include expert care during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum.

Prenatal Care: Smart Pregnancy prenatal care includes monthly midwife visits up to 30 weeks, bi-weekly visits up to 36 weeks, and weekly visits past 36 weeks to delivery. (Two separate physician visits are required during early pregnancy and 36 weeks.) Prenatal visits may take place in your home or at our offices.

If you wish, you may have your prenatal care at Susan's home office, our Newberry office, or at Carolina Water Birth.

Delivery Care: Whether you choose the birth center or a home birth, your midwife and at least one qualified assistant/doula will be present during labor and delivery. For the duration of your labor, they will assist in drug-free pain management, and work to ensure a successful natural delivery. The Smart Pregnancy team strives to make sure you are comfortable and happy with the progression and outcome of your childbirth.

Postpartum Care: Postpartum care includes an exam immediately following the birth, a 24-hour check-in to be performed at your home, a 2-week and a 6-week check-in. During these appointments, you and your midwife will be able to discuss your experience since the birth, and you will have a chance to ask any questions. Susan’s team will be there to make sure you feel supported and equipped for the next exciting chapter now that your little one has arrived.

Additional expenses: ultrasounds, lab fees, prescriptions, two physician visits, and PKU testing are separate fees and are paid to those providers.


“Susan’s midwife care is like being cared for by a close friend. I felt like I’d known her for years. She put me right at ease.
I’m so grateful for her guidance to a successful natural birth” – LeeAnne H., Anderson SC
We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done. Psalm 78:4
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