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Fees and Financial Considerations

Midwifery fees are one of those rare situations where quality and low cost are combined in one. As hospital costs continue to rise, it is staggering to consider that an uncomplicated hospital delivery costs private insurers $18,000 to $27,000. If you have a great insurance plan that has a $500 deductible and covers 20% of the remainder, you would still have $4,100 to $6,100 out of pocket to pay for a hospital delivery.

That covers our fee and more, even if you have to pay for your birth with no help from insurance.

Self-Pay Discount

If you have no insurance coverage for midwifery care or your deductible is so high, it will not pay, we provide a self-pay discount.

Payment Plans

Payment is expected in full by 36 weeks with monthly installments during pregnancy to completely fulfill your obligation to your midwife.

Financial Hardship Discounts

We understand that, sometimes, despite doing everything that you can do, the finances just can’t cover. We have a financial hardship policy that can be requested. Financial data is required and will be evaluated by the midwife on a case by case basis to determine if an extended financial payment plan can be granted or if further discounts will be extended. Please remember that we have to put tires on the car and pay the cell phone bill, too!….. as well as eat, pay the mortgage, pay your birth assistant, birth center facility fees …….you get the idea!

We, also, in financial hardship cases will consider a barter arrangement. These will be discussed one-on-one and the barter will have to be completed well before the birth at an agreed upon date.


Insurance will many times cover midwifery care and birth center fees. However, we cannot make any guarantees if your insurance will pay or how much they will pay for a given charge. We are contacting an insurance biller to determine the best way for her to work directly with you to determine probable insurance reimbursement. We will provide the contact info for this service after you have come into care.

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